About us

our mission is to transform the customer
journey by making travel more seamless and
future ready.

Journey to the Future

Modern mobility demands the ability to move people and things to places effortlessly. This requires an ecosystem that harmonizes disparate technologies and people in meaningful ways to reduce negative friction. (PwC).

Solutions Rooted in Transformative Innovation

We are leading travel and mobility with transformative thinking by forging through better strategies to empower people and facilitate better processes as a way of enabling sustainability.

Our values are rooted in World class systems and industry leading thinking such as:

  • Adaptive resilience

    In a Post Corona World, we are helping to build back better through our hyperlocal, growth focused approach that responds to the needs of our community, and yield to the challenges of the modern World such as economy and environment.

  • Intelligent mobility

    Our approach combines artificial intelligence capabilities with automation to help transform the customer journey in ways that creates a path for a frictionless future..

  • Connected services & embedded systems

    We believe that services, places, people and travel should exist in more interconnected ways, that is why we are building the World’s #1 end to end mobility service.

  • Mobility as a service

    By facilitating the integration of multi-modal transport systems into one seamless access point, we hope to improve network efficiency and decrease the cost of travel.

  • Community based partner ecosystem

    We are building a people focused and partner oriented eco-system that empowers our people such as drivers, providers, programmers, partners, employees, and communities who make us thrive.

Integrative Frictionless Future

Let’s travel together to the future to build sustainable integrative frictionless systems that combines the best of the Experience Economy with Travel and Transport.

With Huptown, the possibilities are endless.