Huptown PROJECT 2030 is integral to the future of a better mobility industry and to the communities where we operate through our growth-oriented processes and actions that are focused on regenerative growth.

Key Goals of PROJECT 2030

  • Support EV training and AV skills acquisition for around 10,000 people.
  • Champion a growth focused, digitally led inbound tourism campaign to help spur the local and national economy through the Huptown Experience Platform.
  • Become Carbon neutral through 100% EV switch
  • Facilitate the removal of around 1 million gas/petrol vehicles from the road through our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) movement
  • Build one of the World's largest future ready AV platform for shared mobility - connecting different spheres of transport and travel through intelligent and embedded systems.
  • Be the World’s #1 in end-to-end mobility by integrating disparate travel systems into Huptown’s seamless access points.

How we will achieve Our Goals

Participate actively in key competitive market segments

Work with DMOs, marketing partners & key public and private agencies including regulators.

Foster innovation through transformative thinking processes.

Develop problem solving and customer focused products and services..

Form better and stronger alliance with communities such as drivers and partners.

Market penetration and product development.

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